The excellence in carbon and graphite

Elsid’s story started more than 30 years ago. Positioned in the center of Europe, Elsid deliveries are facilitated by it’s opening to the Black Sea and Danube. Therefore products are delivered in trucks, by railway and also by ship.

Elsid high standard carbon products are delivered worldwide in many different fields and to various types of end users: foundries, metallurgy,  chemistry, steel and aluminum factories, glass houses.

We constantly develop and make improvements in our technologies in order to meet our clients demands, to satisfy our customers’ needs and provide high quality materials. This is the reason why our silicon carbide is DEFINETLY THE BEST TOP SIC in the world.

Our products are made with GREEN ENERGY, Elsid being the owner of hydropower plants in Romania because we encourage the environment protection and we also use recyclable materials. This is the reason why even we are interested in the past trends and present dynamics, our moto is ENERGY- BACK TO THE FUTURE.